Pilates Reformer Class

Pilates for the Older Exerciser

24 May 2019

Exercise should be fun, efficient and effective.  Joseph Pilates believed you should not combine cardiovascular workout with strength and mobility training.  The system he developed is different from other exercise programs, and does not require you to huff, puff and sweat.  You will feel that you have been stretched; your muscles will feel they have been worked and expect a moderate increase...

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Sports Massage Therapy at Reab

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

24 January 2019

Sports Massage Therapy refers to the deep, firmer mobilisation techniques used on the tissues and relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. If you are training for the Marathon, find out how this therapy can be helpful in reducing pain from soft tissue tightness and prevent injury as your training runs get longer.

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Ligaments and Tendons

31 August 2018

Ligaments and Tendons are two types of connective tissue that contribute to the way we move.  Their functions, although complimentary, differ from each other can cause long term problems if not rehabilitated effectively. To return to full function after an injury as soon as possible and reduce the risk of re-injury it is important that tendon and ligament injuries are fully rehabilitated...

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14 August 2018

Reflexology is a natural Holistic therapy, practised on the feet and hands (there are over 7,000 nerve endings in the foot). It is a complementary therapy to orthodox medicine that helps return the patient to good health and at reab is used alongside Physiotherapy, Pilates and massage.

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Private Pilates Tuition at reab

Why choose Private Pilates tuition?

6 August 2018

Private studio tuition (1-1’s) will help you rapidly achieve outcomes that you may not have thought possible! Find out if private tuition is right for you...

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