Spiky Ball Reflexology

03 June 2020

During “Lockdown” it has not been possible to give or receive Reflexology treatments but as it is beneficial for all systems in the body - respiratory, digestive, endocrine, circulatory and skeletal - you can give yourself a reflexology session, using a spiky ball. 

The benefits will not be the same as having a full treatment with a reflexologist, but it can help you keep your body mobile and your immune system healthy.  The effect is a gentle massage to all your organs and encourages all your systems to work more effectively.

If you don’t have a spiky ball, buy one on-line or contact Reab.

You can do this session standing up sitting down.

Start with the spiky ball under your right foot.   Roll the ball from the tip of your toes to the base of the heel and back again - using downward pressure, 10 times. This may be painful to start with so if this is the case, use less pressure to begin with.

Make sure you roll backwards and forwards over the whole foot from the big toe to little toe and all the way along the foot to the heel.

Next, you roll the ball along the inside arch of the foot, from the big toe to the heel and back - using the pressure created by turning the foot inwards, 10 times.

Then roll the ball on the outside of the foot, again using the pressure from turning the foot to the outside - from the little toe to the heel and back, 10 times.

Now, do the same on the left foot.

Aim for 10 repetitions of each area, on each foot, but if you need to build it up, that’s fine, just start with 5 repetitions.

It only takes a few minutes, and could be done daily.

Your feet will feel relaxed but energized!

View short demo video here

Video of full technique here