Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Our experienced Physiotherapists have post-graduate qualifications in assessing and managing all manner of musculoskeletal injury and sources of pain. These may range from slow onset aches and pains, to specific injuries of the neck, back, pelvis or limbs acquired through normal everyday activities, sport or other misadventure.

Assessment and evaluation

We'll evaluate your complaint or injury and any underlying factors which may have caused, or are affecting your injury. This includes an assessment of your posture and how you move. We offer a comprehensive selection of treatment techniques based on current research. Your treatment may be comprised of manual therapy to the joints and soft tissues, such as manipulation and mobilisation; and exercise-based rehabilitation such as stretching, strengthening and movement and muscle patterning. Throughout the process you'll be given advice on your levels of activity – i.e. what to do when and what to avoid. Our Physiotherapists are also Pilates trained and can prescribe a Pilates exercise programme to enhance your rehabilitation, increasing your core strength and confidence in preparation for exercise or sport.

Post-op Rehabilitation

Surgery may be the first step in managing your injury and repairing any structural damage. However, the body will also need to recover from muscular weakness and altered movement patterns. Post-op physiotherapy initially addresses residual swelling and scarring from surgical procedures. When it's appropriate, the focus then shifts to resolving any adaptations that your body has undergone to cope with an injury. This might include specifiic muscle weakness and compensatory movement patterns. Our physiotherapists can offer a combination of physiotherapy techniques and Pilates to help improve muscle strength lost through injury and help regain optimised movement patterns to restore function as quickly as possible.

Pilates and Physiotherapy

Our Pilates studio is fully equipped and available to our physiotherapy clients for rehabilitation. The studio is a quiet, comfortable and safe place to exercise. We also offer a range of Pilates classes suitable for all levels, including the physiotherapist-led Return to Fitness Reformer and Matwork classes. We also offer private Pilates tuition.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy appointments

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